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How many companies do venture capitalists fund?

Of the 150 business plans investors typically review, only 10 get a close look – before finding one potential investment opportunity with merit. Some firms will find only one in 150 presented to them. In 2007, venture capitalists invested approximately $30 billion into 3,226 companies.

While your dream may be to meet that VC firm with deep pockets, the reality is only 0.1% of businesses realize that opportunity.

How big is the VC market?

According to CB Insights, venture capitalists invested $20.8 billion in 2,461 deals in 2009, marking the lowest level of dollar investment since 1997.

2009 Venture Capital Investments:

  • 37% decrease in dollars and a 30% decrease in deal volume from 2008
  • Second consecutive year of annual deal and dollar declines
  • 4Q totaled $5 billion in 794 deals
  • 2% decline in dollars but 15% increase in deals from 3Q of 2009 when $5.1 billion went into 689 deals