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We’re Hiring

We are always looking for talent. If you kick a$$ and can help us address a need we have or make us realize a need we didn’t know we had, our goal is to get you on board.

Before getting into what we’re looking for, it’s worth understanding what we look for. We want people who are:

  1. Relentlessly resourceful – Not sure what that means, then read this. We look for this quality in everyone on the team
  2. Ready to learn in dog years – You will learn more in a year here than seven at some corporate gig. That means things are intense and the hours can be long, but if you relish challenges, are ambitious, want to constantly learn and like working on hard problems, you’ll like it here.
  3. Modest superstars – We want you to be amazing at what you do and we hope you know that you’re amazing at what you do. But if you feel the need to tell everyone how great you are all the time, that’s not going to fit with us.
  4. Data junkies – This is the backbone of what we do and what we are building. We love this stuff. We are geeks.
  5. Obsessed with entrepreneurship, innovation – This is what we cover, ie., entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups, etc. These are people taking huge risks and often trying to change the world. If this doesn’t get you excited, this is not for you.
  6. Personal excellence – Will approach high profile and mundane work with the same zeal and high bar for quality.
  7. Competitive – Not with one another but with those in markets we compete or wish to compete in.
  8. Good with ambiguity and craziness – We adhere to Mario Andretti’s philosophy that if things are under control, you’re not going fast enough. That means you have to be able to deal with a lack of structure at times and create structure where there is none.
  9. Not Jerks – This is intuitive and probably should be first. Life is short so we prefer not to surround ourselves with people who might display a$$hol’ish tendencies.

Here are some areas where we are seeking talent:

  • CS Engineers (data extraction, NLP)
  • CS Engineers (application development)
  • Statistics/Math
  • Biz Dev / Sales
  • Web Design
  • SEO

After reading this, if this sounds like the type of place you could get into, drop us a note as we’d love to hear from you. Ideally, include:

  • Your resume (that was obvious)
  • An idea of something you'd do to improve ChubbyBrain
  • Something you’ve accomplished that exhibits one (or several) of the characteristics above


We aggressively hire interns who do real game-changing work with us during the semester or during the summer. They are not doing busy work, making copies or doing other menial tasks. They leave with real accomplishments they can put on their resume and real skills that they can use elsewhere. Also, internships are the preferred way we like to hire for full-time (“date before marriage”). We’ve had interns from Wharton, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania Engineering, the University of Michigan, the University of Illinois, NYU Poly, Stonybrook and Lehigh University work with us.