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Press / Media

First of all, thanks for thinking of us. A bunch of the places we’ve been featured in are listed at the bottom of this section.

The easiest way to reach us is via email at press(at)chubbybrain(dot)com or on Twitter @chubbybrain. We will usually respond pretty immediately since we are workaholic entrepreneurs like many of the people who visit ChubbyBrain.

If you’re under a tight deadline and would prefer to talk to someone on our team, you can try us at our office at 212-292-3148. If you’re in NYC and find yourself in lovely Soho and would like to see where the proverbial “magic happens”, let us know and we’d be happy to have you come by.

Specifically, How Have We Helped Journalists and Bloggers?

IDEA #1 – If you need an expert source for coverage of small businesses, startups or entrepreneurship or need data or want to understand trends, sentiment, we can definitely help. We have:

  • Small business and startup trends – We have lots of aggregate level data on what kinds of businesses are being built, where and by whom. If you have a theory or idea and need hard data to support or refute it, ping us
  • Measures of entrepreneur sentiment – We collect information on entrepreneurs and their challenges, their confidence levels, etc so we always have our finger on the pulse of their relative optimism/pessimism
  • Profiles of interesting, game-changing companies – We regularly learn about really amazing entrepreneurs and businesses they’re building. If you are looking for someone to profile and want some ideas, please be in touch. We probably know someone who fits the bill
  • Data on venture capital, angel investment, government grants, private equity – This is our bread and butter by virtue of our CB Insights platform. We have current and historical data for VCs, angel investors, state/federal grants and private equity

IDEA #2 – We’re 100% bootstrapped and are using data in unconventional ways. Specifically, here are some things we’d emphasize that we believe make us a cool story:

  • We’re leveling the playing field for the “little guy” – The type of data we have has generally been locked up by big information services players (aka dinosaurs) who charge exorbitant rates for mediocre products and data (you guys know who you are). That model was great in 1990, but in our view the jig is up
  • Using data to help entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups – We firmly believe that the world needs more entrepreneurs and that data properly applied can help entrepreneurs be more successful. We’re the first company to use historical data about venture capitalists, angel investors, private equity, government grant programs and banks to help entrepreneurs more efficiently identify funding sources aligned with their business. We do this for free with our Funding Discovery Engine
  • Our first product SUCKED really bad (we mean really bad) – If you’re ever doing a story on what not to do as an entrepreneur or want to talk about how to build an initially hyper-crappy product, talk to us. (Note: We’re assuming we’ve improved the product but if you think it’s crappy, email us and tell us why. We can take it so be honest) Our first product / incarnation of ChubbyBrain was so embarrassingly bad in retrospect that we’ll probably have to write a blog post at some point so others may learn from it.
  • We started this company at the WORST possible time – We left big salaries, senior titles, administrative assistants and a fairly cushy lifestyle to begin this adventure in 2008 right as the recession was starting. Talk about bad timing. To make things worse, most of us had kids right as we began the company. That made for some harrowing moments initially, some long nights (which continue) and has ultimately resulted in all of us losing a fair amount of our hair. But as they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
  • We are 100% bootstrapped – Despite bullet point #3 and #4, we’ve managed to build a real business and have done so on our own terms. We’re still early in the game and are optimistic about our approach and ideas

ChubbyBrain Press and Media Mentions

Here's a partial list of some links to our press coverage: