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The Brain’s Guide to Angel Investment - TOC

Table of Contents

  1. The Brain's Guide to Angel Investment

  2. Angel Investment Overview

  3. History of Angel Investment

  4. How many companies do angel investors invest in and how much?

  5. How many angel investors are there in the U.S.?

  6. What is the profile of an angel investor?

  7. What is an accredited investor?

  8. Why angel investors matter (Why are angel investors important?)

  9. Angel Investment Exit Statistics

  10. How hard is it to get angel investment or venture capital?

  11. Types of angel investors

  12. Individual angel investors

  13. Angel groups

  14. Angel Syndicates

  15. Super Angels

  16. How does angel investment work?

  17. What types of businesses are getting angel investments?

  18. How do you find an angel investor?

  19. Do angel investors require a business plan?

  20. What is the best way to pitch a potential angel investor?

  21. Little known secrets to pitch angel investors

  22. What is a scalable business for angel investors?

  23. How risky is angel investment for the investor?

  24. Angel Investing Return Expectations

  25. Why you should not raise angel investment: negatives and downsides of raising angel investment

  26. Angel investors meddle and micro-manage

  27. Angel investors will replace you and hire another CEO

  28. The typical angel investment process can be painful

  29. My Entrepreneurial Peers are Raising Angel Investment

  30. Lifestyle Businesses or I Want Money to Build a Nice Profitable Business

  31. Angel investing scams and other things not to do (or do sometimes)

  32. Don't get angel investment from Warren Buffett

  33. When is dumb money from angel investors good money?

  34. Should You Pay to Pitch Angel Investors? It Depends.

  35. Questions to ask yourself before deciding to attend a pay-to-pitch event

  36. Questions to ask organizers of pay-to-pitch events

  37. What are alternatives to angel investment?

  38. Angel Investment vs. Friends & Family Financing

  39. Angel Investment vs. Bootstrapping

  40. Angel Investment vs. Small Business Banks and Loans

  41. Venture Capital and Angel Investment Help, Resources and Assistance

  42. Angel Investment Articles