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The Brain's Guide to Angel Investment

The Brain’s Guide to Angel Investment serves as a primer and introduction to angel investment for those who wish to learn more or who are currently or contemplating fundraising from angel investors. It aims to offer insights into angel investment to both the novice hoping to learn the basics of angel investment as well as the more advanced capital seeker who may be looking for help gto build a game plan on how to get adequately financed.

The Brain’s Guide to Angel Investment is possible because of the outstanding perspectives and content available publicly on the web. Our hope is to aggregate much of that information in one central place to help you, business owners and entrepreneurs, more efficiently learn about angel investment. It provides details on what to expect in the angel process, what angel investors seek in business plans, and alternatives you may want to look at or if the hunt for money fails which is especially relevant since so few pitches are successful.

The Brain’s Guide to Angel Investment breaks down into the following sections:

  1. An overview of angel investment – This section describes what an angel investor is, a bit on the history of angel investment, how much angels invest, the industries that they invest in and provides some sense for their importance to entrepreneurs
  2. Types of angel investors – Angels come in different shapes and sizes in terms of how they are organized, the number of investments they make and the types of investments they make. This section covers the various incarnations that angel investors take.
  3. How does angel investment work – This section describes the return expectations of angels and the process that an entrepreneur or businessperson may encounter when seeking angel investment.
  4. Alternatives to angel investment – There are of course alternatives you should be aware of as you consider growing or raising money for your business.
  5. Negatives or downsides of angel investment – While we believe angel investment is a phenomenal growth catalyst for entrepreneurs and the general economy, there are potential downsides which some folks cite which you should be cognizant of.
  6. Angel investing scams – Sometimes desperate entrepreneurs looking for cash can also be the target of some less than savory practices. This chapter offers is what we hope a balanced view into such practices and some guidance on how to avoid the scams and find the places where actual angel investment might be credibly raised.