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The Brain’s Guide to Reverse Due Diligence - TOC

Table of Contents

  1. The Brain's Guide to Reverse Due Diligence

  2. Step 1: Get a list of potential investors

  3. Step 2: Four Questions to Identify the Right Potential Investors

  4. Step 3: I know which investors (venture capital firms or angel groups) to pitch, what should I look for as I continue my reverse due diligence?

  5. How do I determine which individual at an angel group or venture capital firm to target?

  6. Why wouldn't you pitch a venture capitalist or angel investor who seems to fit with your business?

  7. Which investors on your list are kicking tail and taking names?

  8. Step 4: I've figured out which investors to pitch, and I've got multiple term sheets. How do I figure out which investor to go with?

  9. What partner from the venture capital firm or angel investor is going to be your primary contact or on your Board potentially?

  10. Step 5: Time to Sign a Term Sheet, Take the Money and Build a Great Business