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The Brain’s Guide to Small Business Administration (SBA) Financing

The Brain’s Guide to SBA Financing serves as a primer and introduction to the SBA and its programs for small business owners who are currently or contemplating raising money for their business and who think and want to explore if the Small Business Administration’s programs may be suitable for it.

It aims to offer insights into the Small Business Administration and its numerous programs to both the novice SBA funding seeker hoping to learn the basics of the SBA as well as the more advanced capital seeker who may be looking for new insights into the Small Business Administration and its labyrinth of programs and requirements.

The SBA can be a bit of a maze to navigate and understand, but there are many very interesting programs that can help your business grow. The hard part which we hope this guide will help with is assisting you in figuring out which programs may be relevant so that you can spend more time specifically exploring those areas.

Of course, if you feedback, ideas or comments on this guide or have experiences on navigating the SBA or its programs which you feel would be beneficial to other business owners, please email us at info(at) We would love to hear from you.