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The Brain's Guide to Small Business Credit Cards

Many of us at ChubbyBrain formerly worked in the credit card industry, specifically at American Express, or doing advisory work for credit card companies. So this Brain’s Guide is perhaps nearer and dearer to our hearts because it is an industry some of us grew up in.

Our knowledge of the industry also hopefully means that we will also be able to share some unique perspectives with you about small business credit cards (and commercial cards as well) and maybe some tips and tricks along the way. Now that we are business owners ourselves, we are also customers of these companies. Some work well for us and others don’t.

One of the challenges of the Brain’s Guide to Small Business Credit Cards which makes it dissimilar from our guides on Venture Capital, Angel Investment and the Small Business Administration is that the small business credit card industry is much more dynamic with new products, offers and sometimes regulations sprouting up all the time. What this means to you and to us is a couple of things:

  1. What you are seeing before you is a Work in Progress and will continue as all of our Brain’s Guides to updated with new or revamped content over time
  2. Your feedback on how we can improve is very important to us. Navigating the Small Business Credit Card choices out there can be a bit mind-bending so our hope is that this guide will not just be comprehensive but a time saver for you as well.

So let’s jump into it, shall we?

Of course, if you have feedback or ideas on how we can improve the Brain’s Guide to Small Business Credit Cards, please do email us at info(at)