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The Brain’s Guide to Venture Capital - TOC

Table of Contents

  1. The Brain’s Guide to Venture Capital

  2. Why should you raise venture capital for your business?

  3. Venture Capital Definition and Overview

  4. What is a venture capitalist?

  5. Size of Venture Capital Market

  6. History of Venture Capital

  7. How many companies do venture capitalists fund?

  8. How Does Venture Capital Work

  9. Calculating Venture Capital Return on Investment

  10. How are VC firms structured?

  11. How do you get Venture Capital?

  12. Get your business plan together (or said another way: Do I even need a business plan?)

  13. Build something and get traction if you can before approaching venture capital firms

  14. Identify venture capitalists that match your startup

  15. How do I get meetings with venture capitalists?

  16. The Elevator Pitch “Template”

  17. Pitching a venture capitalist

  18. What are reasons not to raise venture capital?

  19. Venture capitalists meddle and micro-manage

  20. Venture capitalists will replace you and hire another CEO

  21. Venture capitalists are wolves in sheeps’ clothing

  22. The typical venture capital process can be painful

  23. My Entrepreneurial Peers are Raising Venture Capital

  24. Venture Capitalists Can Provide Me and My Company with Expert Advice and Contacts

  25. Lifestyle Businesses or I Want Money to Build a Nice Profitable Business

  26. Venture Capital Will Force Me To Go Big or Go Home

  27. What are alternatives to venture capital?

  28. Venture Capital vs. Friends & Family Financing

  29. Venture Capital vs. Bootstrapping

  30. Venture Capital vs. Small Business Banks and Loans

  31. Angel Investors

  32. Venture Capital vs. Angel Investment

  33. Venture Capital Terminology, Lingo and Jargon

  34. Venture Capital Help, Resources and Assistance

  35. Venture Capital Articles and Podcasts