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The Brain’s Guide to Venture Capital

Let’s face it – getting venture capital is hard work. The reality is that most companies who seek venture capital do not get it. By some estimates, only 1 of 100 companies that pitch venture capitalists get funded. And the process can be grueling averaging six to eighteen months to complete. Of course, those numbers go out the window if you are a serial entrepreneur who has already founded, built and sold companies.

Now for the good news…

The goal of the Brain’s Guide to Venture Capital is not to tell you all the reasons you won’t get venture capital. It is hopefully going to give you some clarity on what venture capital is, whether it is right for your company, how to pitch venture capitalists and what alternatives to venture capital may exist for smart entrepreneurs with big ideas and dreams. It is also written for business owners of varying levels of sophistication in their understanding of venture capital. By referring to the table of contents, you can skip to those sections which are most relevant to you. We know you are building a business so The Guide may not be something you read cover to cover (or webpage to webpage), but our hope is that you’ll use The Guide as a reference you can come back to over time.

The Brain’s Guide to Venture Capital uses the significant body of work and knowledge that exists already about venture capital and aims to create a comprehensive and objective view into venture capital. The report cites sources who explain what venture capital is, what they look for, the best ways to seek VC according to accepted methods within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. It also covers alternatives to venture capital as VC is not for every entrepreneur or business.

And finally, this is a living breathing document. Venture capital, like the companies it fund, is a dynamic industry. We will continue to update it with new content and sources that we feel would be useful to you. If you have suggestions on useful links or articles that we should reference in The Guide which you believe will be helpful to business owners, please email us at info(at)