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The SBA’s Micro-Loan Program

The Microloan Program aims to offer small, short-term loans to small businesses and non-profit childcare centers. To provide these loans, SBA makes funds available to designated intermediary lenders, which then make loans to small business owners. These intermediary lenders are nonprofit community-based organizations with experience in lending as well as management and technical assistance.

Microloans are a maximum of $35,000 and average to about $13,000; these loans can be used for typical business purposes such as working capital, machinery and equipment, inventory and leasehold improvements.

Who should apply/is eligible for a Microloan?

The Microloan program targets underserved markets, including borrowers with little to no credit history, low-income borrowers, and women and minority entrepreneurs in rural and urban areas who generally do not qualify for conventional loans, or other, larger SBA guaranteed loans.

Almost any emerging or growing business who meets the small business standard size is eligible for the microloan.