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Venture Capital Articles and Podcasts

Below are interesting articles or podcasts that may help you understand venture capital and or the process to meet and pitch venture capitalists. Many of these articles were also used in the development of the Brain’s Guide to Venture Capital.

If you’d like to suggest additional articles on venture capital that you feel would be helpful, please email us with the link and why we should include it to info(at)

  1. 10 steps to catch VC cash - Show your passion (1) - Small Business

  2. 7 business plan superstars - Pest control pros take the bait (1) - Small Business

  3. Angel Capital Education Foundation

  4. Angel Investor Tip: How to meet important people in Silicon Valley - Thomas Korte

  5. Angels vs. Venture Capitalists : pmarca

  6. Bank Lending to Small Business: Are They or Aren’t They? - Independent Street - WSJ

  7. Bank Loans for Small Businesses | Banking & Finance > Banking, Lending & Credit Services from D&B Small Business Portal

  8. Banks and Small Business Lending | The New Rules Project

  9. BootStrapMe: 10 reasons for a bare bones business start-up

  10. BootStrapMe: What is bootstrapping?

  11. BOOTSTRAPPING - the Most Common Source of Initial Equity for Entrepreneurial Firms

  12. Learning Center - Scalable Business Models

  13. business - Bootstrapping Your Startup

  14. Definition Capitalization Table

  15. Entrepreneurship.Org - A free, online international resource designed to help build entrepreneurial economies -

  16. Global Venture Capital (VC) Blog Directory – Ranked By Monthly Uniques « Thinking About Thinking

  17. How Angel Investing Is Different Than Venture Capital

  18. How long does it take to close a Venture Capital deal

  19. How Venture Capital Works - Harvard Business Review

  20. Invention to Venture Glossary

  21. MIT Enterprise Forum - Mindshare - All Financing Sources Are Not Equal

  22. National Venture Capital Association

  23. Pratt's Guide to Venture Capital Sources (Open Library)

  24. Pretending to be small - Apr. 11, 2008

  25. Private Equity and Venture Capital Glossary of Terms

  26. Regulation D Offerings

  27. Regulation D Resources - Capitalize Your Vision

  28. Small-Business Credit Sees Thaw -

  29. Venture Capital 101: Raising Venture Capital Guide |

  30. Venture Capital Basics

  31. Venture Capital Deal Algebra

  32. Venture Capital Investment by Funding Stage

  33. Venture Capital Loses Its Vigor -

  34. Venture Capital Resources

  35. Venture Capitalist/ Investor

  36. Venture Capitalists Oral History Project

  37. Who Made America? | Innovators | Georges Doriot

  38. WR Hambrecht + Co: Private Investments: Glossary